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by | Jul 2, 2017 | Business

Do you want to create a great website for your business and avoid the most common mistakes? Download the 10 step guide and you can do just that!

I’ve been working really hard on a mini project this week. Well, I say a week – more like a few months. It’s been a labour of love like necessity anxiety and stress.

Anyway my all new, all singing, all dancing newsletter sign up form is ready! Everyone who signs up for monthly updates, news and promotional offers gets a free guide which is super awesome and will help you to avoid many costly and time-consuming mistakes when creating and managing your business website.

Time and time again, I come across the same issues with so many business websites. There are some big problems which take many hours (and many ££s) to fix, but so many of them can be avoided if you take the time to plan your website properly. This is one of the largest investments you’ll make for your business and so allow the proportionate effort and energy to get it right.

But don’t worry if you’ve already got your website up and running – hope is not lost! The great thing about us web developers, is that we are super good at fixing sites which have broken or need a bit of love.

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As I use WordPress and the Divi Theme (which is amazing, btw), I’ve created the option form with the built-in Bloom plugin. Hopefully, it has already popped up on your screen at least once (if it hasn’t please let me know here) and there’s also a dedicated page to direct people who would like to grab their copy of the free guide. Why don’t you take a look when you’re visiting and let me know if you have any comments?

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